Sally Yost and Najeeb Abdulrahiman, plein air artists, featured in July

Friday, July 7th, 5-7:00 pm, Main Street Artists Gallery is hosting a champagne opening for local artist Sally Yost and Fremont plein air artist Najeeb Abdulrahiman. Come and see the results of the fun these artists have while painting out of doors.

Taylorsville artist Sally has been drawing and painting western landscapes for 40 years.

Sally’s “Painting on the Edge,” experience shows her setup on a windy day in Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

"Canyonlands", by Sally Yost, goauche
“Canyonlands setup”, by Sally Yost, goauche

Then, the final painting in Gouache. “Painting on the Edge.”

"Painting on the edge" by Sally Yost, gouache
“Painting on the edge” by Sally Yost, gouache

Other Yost paintings from Taylorsville and Bucks Lake will also be featured.

"Bucks Lake Camp", by Sally Yost
“Bucks Lake Camp”, by Sally Yost
"Poppies In the Shade" by Sally Yost, oil on canvas from “100 Views of Taylorsville” series
“Poppies In the Shade” by Sally Yost, oil on canvas from “100 Views of Taylorsville” series

More of Sally’s work and history:

Also, showing in the Tiny Room will be plein air watercolor paintings by Najeeb Abdulrahiman from Fremont, California.

"Quiet water" by Najeeb Abdulrahiman, watercolor
“Quiet water” by Najeeb Abdulrahiman, watercolor

Najeeb is also offering a Plein Air Workshop on Saturday July 8th. The workshop filled up right away with local artists eager to pick up pointers and methods from him. You can see them painting somewhere in Downtown Quincy from 1-5 pm.

In addition, Najeeb will also be offering a Plein Air Workshop on Sunday July 9. Space is available – if you wish to join, contact Najeeb through his website: