Michael Rowden

I was born and raised in Plumas County, California. I worked as a shingler for twenty years before returning to school to earn an MA from CSU Sacramento with an enphasis in painting in 2004. I have won multiple awards and have been collected both nationally and internationally.

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The Ratskeller

2023 Plumas County Fair, Blue ribbon winner

The Proof Is The Pudding
2011 California State Fair – Fine Art Exhibit

Award of Merit

Special Award – University Art Award

Juror’s Statement: “ I chose this work because of its subtle tonal variations and its aggressive application of paint. It has an energetic quality which generates an atmosphere of expression and emotion.”

I Am Your Chief
2013 California State Fair – Fine Art Exhibit

Golden Bear Juror’s Award

Juror’s Statement: “When I first walked into the exhibition hass on the day when we were called in to make our final selection of the show, I Am Your Chief was standing against the wall along with the rest of the many other paintings. I had an impulse to walk across the room to see this painting immediately. When I stood in front of it, the painting started speaking to me. There was a story that connects to a history, a culture and a place. My excitement of seeing its texture, the colors and the brushwork that it brings me back to the present; the richness of imageries confronts me but it allws me to think and to breath; the darkness in the space allows me to hide and to seek; the directional movements of the white dots guide me back to the right way from each twist and bend in between paths. This work was a collaborative effort by two individual hands and minds, yet, their final work is a seamless whole..”

Juror: Brenda Louie