Michael Borofka

A Northern California native, Michael began his Jewelry making journey in Taos New Mexico where he was introduced to the process while working with Native American master metal-smiths. Michael lives in Meadow Valley, California.

Though his life pursuits have included ventures into the corporate world while raising a family, he has always maintained a deep connection with the metal art world, exploring and developing his craft.

Each piece is fabricated by hand, using 18k gold, silver, precious gems, and rare elements. These carefully selected gems and minerals possess properties that some consider sacred. The beauty and rarity of these earth treasures often harmonize with an individual’s personal consciousness. Michael’s designs are simple and elegant. Each unique piece tells its own story and may have deep meaning and speak to the heart of the wearer.

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Michael Borofka at work
Michael Borofka at work

My collection of work is designed and composed of natural materials including gold, silver, precious gems, and rare elements. Every ring, bracelet, pair of earrings, and pendant is one-of-a-kind. Each individual piece is hand fabricated, using tools such as various metal smith hammers, piercing saws, a wide variety of gold smithing hand tools, files, lapidary stone cutting/polishing equipment, and a propane/oxygen torch.

One metal smithing technique I often use is overlay and sweat soldering. This technique produces two dimensional, multi-layered designs. Texture and depth is created by the use of various metal smithing hammers.