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Lake Almanor California based painter, Lydia Dehn, has been honing her skills in painting since 2002. Currently she is ideally surrounded by the beauty of the lake and Mt. Lassen National Park and Forest. She captures nature and light with all its color and vibrations using both oil painting and textile constructions. All materials are welcomed from stretching linen for oil paintings, to iPad drawings, to wire mesh for sculptures.

Further on Lydia Dehn…..

“When I see a beautiful thing in nature in perfect light, it is fleeting. I try to capture what it means to me, to pass it on. What I capture is only how I see it, but I’m trying to make what I see, clear to others. There is a truth and emotion to it. As Bayles and Orland say in “Art & Fear,” ‘There is pretty good evidence that the meaning of the world is made not found.’ Beauty is there for all of us to make.”

Lydia has taken art classes from Harvard Extension, Cambridge Arts, West Valley College, Santa Rosa Junior College, and Berkeley Extension. She has also benefitted from classes by artists Phyllis Shafer, Philip Buller, Lisa Kokin, Nancy Crow, Ron Artaud, Madelyn van der Hoogt and Timothy Horn.

Lydia’s evolution into painting is influenced by her career in Information Science/search engines and databases, and also her creation of textiles. She weaves on an eight harness loom, drape textiles for new constructions. The surface, design, twists of color possibilities of textiles are endless and help her find new techniques in art.

Lydia has shown her work at the galleries of Los Gatos Art Association and Sebastopol Center for the Arts. She is currently a member of the Main Street Artists Gallery in Quincy, CA.