Bruce Powell

I have a passion for creating beautiful furniture. The opportunity to bring together thoughtful design, interesting wood, meticulous craftsmanship, and careful finishing is energizing.

I’ve been woodworking since high school where I made a Penguin-class sailboat that raced in Seattle’s Frostbite series on Lake Washington. The sailboat is still working after some 60 years. My first furniture piece was a captain’s desk of pine that is still lovingly in use.

Over the years I’ve designed and made a series of pieces incorporating elements of Chinese design and joinery, including an award-winning round-corner cabinet and award-winning bookcases.

Several years ago I completed and delivered a dining room sideboard in Biedermeier style to clients in Seattle.

Recently I’ve been creating wine-glass tables, treasure boxes and trays
with inlaid designs in wood, known as the art of marquetry.

To see other furniture, trays, and other objects that I have created, please visit my web site at