Sally Yost

I am happiest painting in nature…in the field, by the roadside, in a canoe, or in the back country, set up with oils, gouache or pencils. My approach is quick, on-site “all prima,” often done in one session. I prefer to paint on brightly colored backgrounds for unexpected results.

I grew up in Rockford, Illinois, never dreaming I would live out West or “become” an artist. After getting a BA at UW/Madison, a chance encounter with a North Beach artist drew me out to Oakland to attend art school (California College of the Arts), where I studied graphic design and calligraphy and did free lance work for 30 years. I started my landscape drawing and painting in the 1980’s, on numerous backpacking trips all over the west.

Just when I think I am hitting my stride, I become an excited beginner, fascinated with the materials at hand.

Life influences include UW Madison, Cambridge Adult School at Harvard, Calif. College of the Arts, Chico State University Printmaking, Feather River College, David Goines (calligraphy), and painting in the field with Gregory Kondos, Phyllis Shafer, Ron Arthaud, Marv Schmidt, Dianne Lipscomb, Jim Gorman, Norma Lewis, Meg Courtney and Mary Rehwald.

My Taylorsville studio is open by appointment.  530-284-6649.  See more images at

Photograph of Sally Yost painting
Photograph of Sally Yost painting