Posted on August 30th, 2016


James Johnson's paintings combine the techniques of watercolor with pen and ink overlay in both large and small landscapes that are vibrant and arresting in
capturing an otherwise placid scene.  They convey beauty and solitude but 
hold the viewer's interest by the precision of detail in each scene.  He creates
a mood of tranquility and solitude in some works and turbulence from the forces
of nature in others with the hope of drawing the viewer into the scene to share
his vision.

James' fascination with nature stems from an idyllic adolescence on Whidbey
Island in Washington State as well as from extensive travel.  Later training
at San Jose State taught him  various techniques in different art mediums.
His particular talent lies in capturing both the serenity and the fury of nature
in ways that are both soul-stirring and awesome.


Stanford Rose is best known in Plumas County for his remarkable photographs 
of ice formations on his creek in Indian Valley which appear every winter and
create amazing abstract and colorful designs.  He also produces large photos
on canvas of bucolic scenes of rolling hills and grazing cattle from his travels to
his property via Highway 505.   In addition, he has a large variety of pastoral landscapes from the Eastern Sierra  and Mono Lake capturing lyrical summer and
fall scenes.  

Educated at UC Berkeley with degrees in psychology and French literature,
Stanford also spent a year at the Sorbonne, speaks both French and Spanish
and writes poetry.  He considers his photos to be painterly in the Impressionist tradition. Many of them invoke a feeling of serenity in the viewer,
allowing one to set aside for a brief moment the turbulence of modern living
and be transported to a simpler, more contemplative state of mind. 

The opening for this show will be held Friday, September 2 from 5PM to 7PM.
Complimentary wine and appetizers will be served.


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