Chuck Potter and Diane Williams - AUGUST 2015

Posted on August 11th, 2015

‚ÄčThe featured artists at Main Street Artists Gallery during the month of August are
Diane Williams and Chuck Potter, a married couple with roots in the Bay Area but
connected to Plumas County through property in Greenville where they conduct an art 
retreat during the summer months.
Diane is classically trained with a B.A. degree from UC Santa Barbara in studio art
and sociology, a Masters degree from California State University in studio art and
an M.F.A. degree from JFK University in arts and consciousness studies.  Diane and
Chuck traveled to China through an art-exchange program where they studied Chinese 
painting and calligraphy and learned of the transformative, healing effects of art.  This
became the guiding principle of their work and has prevailed in their artistic explorations
to date.
A trip to Jamaica in 1977 opened up a new and mesmerizing world which kept Diane there
for ten years, incorporating that culture's music, rhythm, water elements into her artistic
style.  She found Reggae music to have a huge influence on her artwork, as she maintains
that it follows the rhythm of heartbeat and promotes healing.  She believes paintings have
a similar rhythm which one can detect in her large canvases of swirling abstract forms
and bold swaths of color.
Upon returning to the States, Diane settled in the now-famous community of artists of 
Benicia where she found kindred spirits and inspiration.  She taught art at Chabot 
College and National University in Sacramento but also worked at Kaiser Hospital
scheduling surgeries which gave her added insight into the body's capacity for healing.
It was through an Arts Benicia art auction that she met her husband, Chuck, a mortgage
broker at the time with a keen interest in art.
Chuck grew up in the East Bay, studied at Hayward State, majoring in business.  As a
child, he enjoyed model making and costume design.  Later, he also learned carpentry
and tile setting.  But after their first date, Diane set up canvases and invited Chuck to
paint with her.  This experience ignited in him a visceral/spiritual response that changed
his course forever.  He and Diane attended JFK University together and have been painting
together ever since.  He builds canvases as a sideline and experiments with unconventional
materials and techniques but his main focus is nature-based abstract painting.
Both artists spend much of their time conducting workshops both in Greenville and Benicia
and building relationships with other artists.  Their recurring theme is Art and Consciousness,
helping professional and amateur artists get in touch with their spiritual side, to which abstract
art is well suited.
Also featured as guest artist during August is Oakland stained glass artisan, Ted
Ellison, member of  "Artistic License", a guild of craftspeople specializing in period
restoration of historic Bay Area buildings such as the dome of SF City Hall, the "Painted
Ladies" and many Victorian and Craftsman homes.

The first image, below, is "Forgotten Window" by Chuck Potter
The second image, below, is by Diane Williams.

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