Michael Kerby - June 2015

Posted on July 10th, 2015

It has been fascinating to watch Michael Kerby's majestic mountainscapes take
shape as he shares each of his works-in-progress with a wide internet audience.
His repertoire includes breathtaking scenes of some of the major mountain
ranges in America: Tetons, Yosemite, Lassen, Zion, Rainier, Sequoia and our
own Spanish Peak.  All are meticulously executed using multiple photos to accurately
capture the way light changes in each setting.  Michael enjoys watching a painting
develop and likes to share the process online with viewers on his email list, as well
as on Facebook and his website.

Michael's attention to detail both insures accuracy and illustrates his mastery of
landscape art.  Each work invites the viewer to virtually step into it and explore
the scene in detail.  There is also a secret recurring motif in every piece: 2 ravens
flying side by side - symbolizing Michael and wife Terri's explorations of all the
wilderness sites they have visited together.

Michael paints in both watercolor and fluid acrylic, employing watercolor technique
for both mediums.  Using "flow release" to aid the acrylic to flow easier allows him to
layer thin glazes one on top of the other, so that the bottom color can show through, 
thus creating more depth.  For watercolor, he uses aquaboard instead of paper so
that he doesn't need to use glass and adds four coats of a spray and two coats of 
a brushed archival varnish.  This allows color to stay on the surface and appear more
vibrant without being clouded by glass.

Currently, Michael is in the planning stages of a 5' x 6' canvas picturing the Tetons
range.  For this, he uses 3 or 4 photos to combine the view during different hours
of the day and refers to his multiple sketches to accurately depict the details of 
this awesome and majestic scene.

The June show at Main Street Artists Gallery entitled "Touching the Spirit, Sharing
the Beauty" will include scenes of Long Pine Peak, two new Mt. Lassen scenes
including the currently dormant but volatile geyser "Bumpass Hell", as well as some
older scenes and many limited edition prints.

Also appearing, as Michael's guests, will be "Allison & Victor", musicians who will
be playing in the Clinch Building courtyard behind the gallery beginning at 5:30 PM.
Complimentary wine and appetizers will be served.

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