George Fluke - April 2015

Posted on July 10th, 2015

Art by George Fluke

During the month of April, Main Street Artists Gallery will feature new works by the inimitable George Fluke, probably the most innovative conceptual artist in our midst. George is a master at re-purposing found objects, creating astonishing sculptural pieces, frequently injected with subtle messages either spiritual or political but always displaying a delightfully quirky sense of humor.  The current show is titled "Hinder," meaning held back or stymied, exemplified by three pieces done in the style of installation art, to be further explained by the artist at the show's opening event.

The show is both provocative and enlightening, as the artist will present an original poem "Fire In A Crowded Room," inspired by the shootings of political cartoonists in Paris, followed by a discussion of the role of art in political satire.

Also presenting unique sculptures made of scrap metal and motorcycle parts will be Guest Artist Jeff LaMattina, of Indian Valley.  


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