Lucinda Wood Exhibit, November 2014

Posted on November 9th, 2014

Lucinda Wood's new show at Main Street Artists Gallery opened
November 7; it is titled "Carried Away."  The title of this exhibit reflects the artist's state
of mind while she's creating a painting outdoors.  Her concentration is
intense and she is so focused on the beauty of her subject and on
the race to capture it on paper before the light changes that
she becomes oblivious to more mundane concerns such as hunger,
thirst, heat, or cold.  She always brings her dog while painting in the
field to alert her if someone approaches, since she is totally engrossed
in the task at hand.  To be so in-the-moment is a marvelous experience
for any creative person; it takes years of yoga and meditation for
the rest of us to achieve this.
Lucinda's process is to begin her paintings on location, then complete
them in her studio, but often returning to the subject several times at
the same time of day to capture the details.  Many of her images 
involve moving water--local rivers and streams one truly could get
"carried away" on via kayak, tube or raft.  During one painting session,
while perched on a rock overlooking the Trinity River, her signature
piece for this show was literally carried away by the wind but thankfully, 
did not land in the water.  The painting depicts the surface of the water
being tossed by the wind, bringing up its rich turquoise, teal and green 
shades.  This is captured so vividly that the viewer is transported immediately into the scene.
In addition to rushing water, Lucinda excels in depicting botanicals,
specifically local flora such as the Rocky Mountain Bee Plant, the
Virginia Creeper, and the magnificent Emerging Snowflower, all
rendered in painstaking detail.  Her control of the brush in these
watercolors is awe-inspiring, resulting in images that are flawless.
Lucinda's work is also on display on 3 new interpretive panels along
the Gansner Park bike trail.  Also on display there is a piece by MSA 
artist Michael Kerby.
Lucinda's son and daughter have joined her show as budding guest
artists.  Brian brings a variety of drawings as well as poems and
stories, while Sylvia showcases her talent with watercolors, oils and
ink.  Both will display their work in the Tiny Room.

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