The Art of Lucinda Wood

Posted on May 25th, 2013

Lucinda Wood's show at Main Street Artists Gallery during  March 2013 
is a study of water movement, entitled "Fluid Reflections."   Many of the pieces feature
the curving lines and crystal clarity of water in the Feather River, in the mountain
waterfalls and in the lakes and creeks of Plumas County, which hold a special
fascination for Lucinda and are depicted with such precision.  Her work reveals both a deep
passion for Nature as well as an awe of its spiritual connection.  She sees the "fingerprint
of the Creator" in the natural beauty of this area and tries to convey this realization
to the viewer in her meticulously crafted watercolors.  Thus the "reflections" emphasize
the metaphysical questions one tends to consider when surrounded by nature's bounty. Below is one of Lucinda's watercolors, "Follow the Flow"
In addition to  water features, the show also includes a series of botanical studies,
specifically wildflowers of the Sierra Nevada:  Lupen, Shooting Star, Bleeding Heart,
wild Azaleas, etc  Lucinda sees Indian Rhubarb as a metaphor for strength in adversity
because of this flower's ability to stand straight and survive in the middle of a waterfall.  
The abundance of beauty around us and the layers of complexity in nature are recurrent
themes in Lucinda's work and her amazing ability to convey them so exquisitely jolts 
the viewer into the realization of how lucky we all are to have this experience available
to us here.
In her next phase, Lucinda plans to continue her explorations of the area, going farther
afield to the Lakes Basin and on river trips, shifting her focus to different aspects of the
nature she finds there.  Her desire in the future is to illustrate children's books for which
this plan provides excellent preparation.

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