Painter Sally Yost

Posted on May 25th, 2013

Most everyone in Plumas County is familiar with the artwork of Sally Yost.  Her paintings have been featured monthly at Main Street Artists as well as in restaurants, bars, coffee shops and  other venues.  But what holds the public's attention is the constantly evolving nature of her work and her singular vision of the world around her.  Whether it's her garden in Taylorsville, a bouquet of tulips or farmland in Slovenia, Sally's unique ability to capture her surroundings in an alluring way that constantly surprises.  Her work enjoys immense popularity and is widely collected.
During the month of August, 2012, Main Street Artists presented a show of Sally's most recent
work entitled "Excursions."  This show takes the viewer on a wild ride from Taylorsville,
to Lakes Basin to Antelope Lake then out to Lassen Peak and beyond to Utah's
Canyonlands, the Mississippi River, Wisconsin and finally Chicago.  Each of these
destinations yields a stunning canvas that conveys the atmosphere of the place she sees
with stylized detail and vibrant color. 
Sometimes Sally works from photos but most of her paintings  originate from her sketchbooks
some of which will be displayed in this show.  These provide ideas for her larger works but
are also wonderful artworks in themselves. Prints from these sketchbooks will also be
available.  When Sally starts a painting, she usually covers the canvas with some vibrant color 
then paints over it but leaves traces of it visible to lend texture and depth to the scene.
A departure from the landscape scenes is a large painting of ravens, Sally's favorite bird.
She hopes to be reincarnated as a raven because they are smart, fearless, have wonderful
vocalizations, turn summersaults in the air, are great survivors and live a long time. 
Another departure from her usual themes are several cityscapes from her trip to Chicago
this summer.  These capture the sophistication of that great city's architecture and the
excitement of urban life. 
Landscape, cityscape, or still llife. Sally's exuberant style and bold colors continue to
enthrall viewers, transporting them to worlds both foreign and familiar.  This show gives
us  many more examples of her abundant talent.  

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