Richard Daun, Photographer

by Lara Eichenberger on April 5th, 2013

When Richard Daun takes his camera into the Plumas County wilderness, his mission is to capture the elusive qualities of light reflecting on water and on surrounding vegetation.  He waits for the perfect moment when the angle of the sun creates a dreamy image of stunning color and depth which results in a photograph amazingly reminiscent of an impressionist painting.    He searches for images that delight the eye, sometimes going after the same image three or four times, and only satisfied when it doesn't look like a photo.  Richard's idea is to make the subject feel abstract so he brings up the color,  resulting in a scene that is sharp and richly saturated. In this way, his work interprets nature rather than documenting it.  In his iconic image of dewdrops on Shield Plants, he emphasizes shadows and depths, eliciting a visceral reaction to the  photo's abstraction because it reveals what most observers don't notice.

During the month of April, Main Street Artists Gallery presents a wide variety of Richard's current  work showcasing landscapes, reflective pieces and his new interest in black and white images emphasizing light and shadow.  The artist loves to shoot with a telephoto lens because he likes how it rearranges an image rather than simply presenting it which he considers a form of creativity.

Some of his pieces are monochromatic, as with one arresting scene depicting a forest of brown trees in a brown fog with a shrouded sun dimly breaking through, creating an eerie mood.  There are also tension-creating scenes of " wild, powerful nature vs vulnerable man" as in the photo of a young girl overlooking a turbulent ocean. 

Richard got his start in this field by photographing architecture while traveling with his 35mm camera. But in 2005, after digital photography evolved, he decided to go after a more artistic image.  Graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in art, he started out painting murals, then houses, but gradually moved toward designing and drawing plans for homes which he did for the next twenty-six years.

Being a Gemini (part practical, part experimental), today he is both a designer/builder of high-end homes as well as a gifted artist, thus satisfying both practical and spiritual needs.   
 In conjunction with Richard Daun's show at Main Street Artists Gallery, his brother, David Daun of Johnsville will be a guest artist in the Main Street Artists Gallery's "Tiny Room" . David will display a never-before-shown array of work - both old and new - consisting of woodcuts, linocuts, charcoal drawings and paintings. 

Richard and David's opening will be Friday, April 5 from 5-7 PM.  Complimentary wine and appetizers will be served.                 
The show runs throughout the month of April.  

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