Russ Flint is featured artist in October 2019

October saw the gallery featuring the art of Russ Flint. Russ Flint’s art
represents three fundamental elements: Movement, Composition and
Balance. In the current show, “MONUMENTAL ART,” Russ has painted
domestic life from the past including farming and harvesting, and social
life with musicians and dancers. 

Russ’ style is influenced by Renaissance art from Rubens and
Michaelangelo among others. He is also fascinated by the huge Europeanmedieval cathedrals. He weaves their geometry into his figures and
October announcement by Russ Flint
October announcement by Russ Flint

John Sheehan, Y.Chang plus guest, Jeff LaMattina

Written by a friend of the gallery October 4, 2019

The Gallery ushered in the Fall with works of two seasoned Quincy artists, John Sheehan and Y.Chang, plus metal sculptures by guest artist, Jeff Lamattina. John and Y.Chang have been at the gallery since its inception in 2009 and are currently active participants in its continued success.

Part of John Sheehen’s “Rocks” September 2019 showing

John’s show titled “Rocks” showcased a series of watercolor scenes at Buck’s Lake (see above). He captures the lake as it changes throughout the seasons.

Y.Chang shared the gallery with John with a show titled “Flights of Fancy”. She showcased her lifelong fascination with fantasy, color and the unseen (see below).

Part of Y.Chang’s “Flights of Fantasy” September 2019 showing

The Gallery also highlighted the amazing robots and otherworldly metal objects by guest artist, Jeff LaMattina.

at-JM-Sept Guest
Mantis by Jeff LaMattina September 2019